Backup-2-Cloud protects data from all areas of your business

The following assets in your business contain valuable proprietary information. Because of their mobility, or amount of data, they are extremely vulnerable.

Laptop Fleets

Your employees are carrying around valuable information. Due to the inherent mobility of laptops, they’re more vulnerable than a stationary PC or Mac. They travel with your employees in their cars, they can be dropped, they can be damaged – or even stolen. Protecting the data contained within them is key to keeping your employees productive.


In the office, desktops are vulnerable to accidental deletion and hardware failure. On average, 70% of businesses have lost data because there was no reliable backup in place. It’s a frequent occurrence, while unintentional, can compromise a great deal of data.


Servers are the nerve center of your business data. They are also vulnerable to hardware failure, power surges, or in rare instances – accidental deletion. It simply isn’t worth the risk to lose server data.

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  • Simple - One easy account for all your backup needs
  • Secure - Complete privacy protection
  • Mobile - Easy access from your mobile device
  • Powerful - Recover and restore your file versions

Data Deposit Box Features

  • Unlimited Server, PC & Mac backup
  • Supports NAS devices and ext. hard drives
  • Backup Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint & more
  • Unlimited FREE local storage
  • Keep an unlimited amount of generations
  • Free initial backup seeding
  • Vmware file level or snapshot backup
  • Backup networked machines

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